Culinary experiences

Be adventurous and taste extreme culinary experiences

And if we started by changing habits. Eating is an act of necessity for which, let's face it, we are conditioned, if not stuck. So how about putting your habits in the closet with culinary experiences that go beyond the pleasures of taste and sight? Let be adventurous and taste extreme culinary experiences.

Unusual food

Food is an integral part of the cultural baggage of a country. Discovering unusual food of new flavors, spices, and colors represents for us a pleasure equivalent to enjoy a beautiful landscape or make a beautiful encounter. One of the most well-known and well-known culinary experiences is the whale. It is eaten in sushi, sashimi, fried, stew and many other forms. It has a taste of beef and is still appreciated in Japan, although it is a rare dish in the end. By us, we say that "in the pig, everything is good". Here, the adage applies to all animals and generally, everything that is edible is eaten.

Your recipes!

You can try some recipes like, the Nyotaimori literally speaking, it means "presentation on the body of a woman". Understand that you can eat sushi and sashimi on the body of a naked woman. This is not a widespread practice, but it is typically Japanese, and often reserved for a certain elite, especially due to exorbitant rates. The naked woman must first take a shower with ice water to drop the temperature of her body and thus preserve the best food. Then she is lying on the table and the sushi and maki are placed on her. The guests use their chopsticks to feed directly on the body of the woman. The Fugu: the deadly fish if it is poorly prepared is a very popular dish. By its "risky" side, it attracts a lot of curious people and people eager for pseudo thrills. But know that it is possible to eat farmed fugu, without poison and therefore without risk.

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